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Make your Personal Planner more beautiful and switch out your layouts regularly!

Do you love creating your own planner from scratch? Do you want it to look beautiful all year around? The Bullettastisch Printables are the perfect fit for YOU! They are designed to help you organize many areas of your life. And they come in multiple designs so that you don’t get bored.

What's Inside

The Bullettastisch Printable Bundle contains everything you could want to have in a personal planner plus a few extras for good measure.

Planner Essentials by Wundertastisch


Planner Essentials 

Beautiful Cover Illustration, 'This Planner Belongs To' page, Index as well as Bullettastisch Key. Everything needed to get a new planner set up or to update an old one.

6 Pages included:

  • Cover Design
  • This Planner belongs to
  • Index for left and right page in your planner
  • Bullettastisch Key (double-sided)
Yearly Overview by Wundertastisch


Yearly Overview

The yearly overview allows you to plan out your big projects for the year one month at a time. Or you could simply use it to track your appointments, vacation and birthdays. It's up to you!

4 Pages included:

  • Yearly overview: four pages with three months per page, all four pages have a slightly different design
Goals & Projects by Wundertastisch


Goals & Projects

Goal setting and project planning are essential in our world today. 

Otherwise, time just flies by and our big dreams stay exactly that... dreams.

5 Pages included:

  • Yearly Goals
  • My Ideas
  • Project Planner - double sided (to track one big project)
  • Project Planner - two projects per page
Monthly & Weekly by Wundertastisch


Monthly & Weekly

These layouts are fun to fill out and help you get your to-do's done ASAP. To keep it interesting they come in multiple designs each.

24 Pages included:

  • Monthly Log (four, one double-sided)
  • Tasks 'n' Goals (four)
  • Habit Tracker (four)
  • Monthly Memories (three)
  • Weekly Layout (three, all double-sided)

Each of the pages above comes in three to four different designs, see brackets above.

A Healthy Mind by Wundertastisch


A Healthy Mind

No matter how tough life gets sometimes I want you to stay positive. These beautiful mood trackers help you to keep track of your well-being as does the sleep tracker. And the other printables allow you to focus on the positive. 

7 Pages included:

  • Mood Tracker (four pages with three months each, all four pages have a unique design)
  • I'm grateful for...
  • Illustrated Quote
  • Sleep Tracker
Meal Planning & Shopping by Wundertastisch


Meal Planning & Shopping

Always wanted to try meal planning? With these printables, you are all set to plan out three meals a day as well as get your shopping list in order.

2 Pages included:

  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Organized Grocery list
Expense & Savings Tracker by Wundertastisch


Expense & Savings Tracker

Struggling with your finances? Not any more. The monthly expense tracker helps you to budget better. The savings tracker keeps your eye on the price and makes sure you keep saving!

2 Pages included:

  • Expense Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
Daily Planning by Wundertastisch


Daily Planning

A weekly planner isn't enough for your busy life? No worries, these daily layouts allow you to not only plan each day like a pro but also to time track. So that you can make better decisions in the future!

2 Pages included:

  • Daily Log (two pages with two days per page, both pages have a different design)
Journaling by Wundertastisch


Journaling Adventure

Head to full? Don't know what to focus next, because there is so much to do? I feel ya! And I know from experience journaling is a great way to free up your mind and get your priorities sorted!

16 Pages included:

  • Journaling Page (sixteen dot grid pages with different designs)
This Planner Belongs to Layout by Wundertastisch

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What is the main difference to the Journaltastisch Planner?

The Bullettastisch Printables are without dates. So you can use them all year round, year after year.  

The Journaltastisch Planner includes a detailed guide on 'how to plan'. The Bullettastisch Printable Bundle does not

This bundle is for experienced planners or someone who loves to experiment and use the printables included to their heart's desire.

How many printables are included?

The Bulletastisch Printable Bundle includes 68 different printables. Each Printable is it's own file so that you can print them as many times as you like.

What sizes do you offer?

The Bullettastisch Printables come in the size A5 and US Half Letter. Simply print them at 200% size if you would like to have A4 or US Letter instead. 

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About the Author

Meet the creative soul behind Bullettastisch - Switch It Up.

Sandra Zint

Sandra is an author and designer, who has already hand-drawn and published more than two hundred planner printables including two books and a set of planner stencils.

"I love working creatively while still being super productive. And I want to share my love and passion with the world. That is why I help busy dreamers send their productivity through the roof with thoughtfully designed and beautifully hand-drawn printable planners like this one. These printables will take your planner to the next level and save you a ton of time in the process."

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