Back in March 2016 I started to create ‘beautiful lists’ instead of just filling my notebook with to-do’s, notes and diary entries. And I absolutely loved it! Whenever I opened my journal I could look at all those beautiful pages I had created, which also brought me closer to my goals. Win, win! Or so I thought.  

I learned very quickly that I didn’t have two to six hours each day to fill my daily planner pages. No matter how beautiful they looked, if the writing of those to-do lists took longer than working through them, something wasn’t right. It simply did not align with my principle of ‘increased productivity through planning’

Lesson learned!

But since those stunning pages motivated me a lot to work through my daily tasks, I wasn’t willing to give up on them so easily. A time saving solution was needed.  

For me the solution was to turn my own drawings and lists into stickers. That way I could still beautify my notebook without wasting a lot of time creating the same pages and decorative elements again and again.

This kind of planning is perfect for me. Whenever I have a relaxing weekend I enjoy my creative side by creating new designs for my planner. And whenever I’m drowning in work I simply use my handmade stickers.

What is the Difference between Wundertastisch Stickers and ‘Regular’ Planner Stickers?

Most planner stickers you can find online were created with a very specific planner in mind (for example Erin Condren Life Planner, Kikki K, Filofax, Day Designer) and are purely cosmetically. If you do not already have a system in place on how to plan out your week/month/year, they will not help you with it.

Wundertastisch Sticker have your Productivity as Main Focus!

I not only want to beautify your planner, I also want to help you to stress less about your tasks. By making sure that you have a system in place which helps you to remember all your appointments on time. Which helps you to work through your tasks with focus and which brings you one step closer to accomplishing your goals every single day.

I created many full page stickers exactly for that purpose. The standard format fits perfectly in every A5 notebook. But I can adjust the size to accommodate your planner choice anytime. No problem at all 🙂  

And in case that your personal planner has a binder setup you can use my printables. Simply print them in the size that fits your personal needs and add them to your binder. Voila!  

Unique Designs!

Wundertastisch Stickers would not be wundertastisch, if they didn’t stand out from the crowd and offer something special. For exactly that reason I created a product line, which I have not seen before and which will make your planner truly special.

My personal favorite is the Habit Tracker Mandala!

Habits allow you to do things subconsciously. There are good (exercise three times a week) as well as bad ones (in my case, eating chips one bag after another). A habit tracker is meant to foster your good habits and help you to get rid of the bad ones.  

The basic principle is very straight forward. At the beginning of each month define for yourself which habits you want to focus on. And then mark a box for each day of which you stuck to a good habit successfully respectively avoided a bad one. This could look like this for example:

I truly love my minimalistic Habit Tracker, which I just showed to you. But sometimes I want some diversity and I want to be more creative while planning. Exactly for that purpose, I designed the Habit Tracker Mandala. It works in the same way. The only difference is that instead of checking off boxes, you have a beautiful mandala design which you can fill with color. This is a great extra motivation booster for you to improve your habits.  

And to make sure it doesn’t get boring, I drew one mandala for each month of the year by hand. Depending on your needs you can purchase a single Habit Tracker or the bundle for a whole year. 

Creative Downtime

The same way I use my weekends to relax creatively, I want to offer you an option for a creative downtime. To get your creative juices flowing I designed monthly coloring pages.  

Each month has its own theme based on the season and introduces the new month in your personal planner. The great thing about them is, that they are not only beautiful to look at and that you can color them yourselves. But that you can use them to section your planner by month. This will make your journal way more easy to navigate and save you so much time while looking for specific notes. It simply wouldn’t be a Wundertastisch Sticker if it did not have a practical use.

100% Hand-drawn & created with Love!

All stickers were drawn by hand from me personally. Afterwards, I scan all my drawings and edit them digitally to make sure all lines are clear and the design is beautiful to look at when printed.  

The complete production happens in my personal workspace at home, called ‘writing desk’. I only use high-quality offset paper as well as the HP Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M477fdw for printing. This printer is a battleship of a machine and it is perfect to print high-quality products. I cut all stickers with my Silhouette Portrait via the kiss cut method. This means that you can remove the stickers super easy from the transfer paper and enchant your planner with them.  

Each order will be packaged with care and is rain proof so that it arrives with you safely. I, of course, will also add a cute little extra for you as a special thank you gift next to the lovely packaging. I want you to know that you are in good hands when visiting my little shop and that you will enjoy coming by anytime. Your happiness is my happiness!

Always your best interest at Heart!

Wundertastisch Stickers are already available on Etsy since December 2016 with 100% positive reviews.

What customers have said so far:

This habit tracker is a true work of art. It’s gorgeous. It’s inspiring. It results in a beautiful, visual representation of a month’s accomplishments. Thanks ever so much Sandra for sharing your creation!

hfeatherina on May 21st, 2017

Love these!! Trimmed to fit in my personal sized planner, and they’re functional, fun, and beautiful!!

Lindsey on May 4th, 2017

Superfast shipping and awesome products! Thank you! Very recommended! And thanks for the goodies!!

redwhortleberry on Jan 29th, 2017

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